Have you thanked a farmer lately?

Foods Resources Bank is an organization that believes in Farmers and helps make Sharing the Harvest happen. Watch this short video and see how your church might get involved with its own growing project.

Would you like to be one of these generous growers?

Donate a bin of apples - Gala, Fuji, or Golden Delicious

  • Make a significant investment in the lives of farmers in the Central African Republic, as their learn new skills and adopt new crops through a research and training farm.
  • Receive a tax-deductible receipt
  • Be recognized on Sharing the Harvest website as a growing partner.


Call Dan Snipes, Sharing the Harvest Team Member, 509-941-9905 or contact us for more information


  • Women Getting TrainingWomen Getting Training At CEFA project farms In the Central African Republic, women area trained along with the men. Here participants in a seminar tour the pilot plots to see how the various plants are grown.
  • Tropical Fruits are ResearchedTropical Fruits are Researched The pilot farms serve as a research center, not only for teaching but to find the best varieties that will flourish in the Central African Republic's tropical client.

    Here the "Malay Water Apple" is grown.
  • Men Touring a Test PlotMen Touring a Test Plot Seeing is believing - when instructors take seminar students out to tour the test plots to see the wide variety of crops that they're growing on the farm.

    Practical knowledge and skills are imparted to help ensure the success of each farmer that goes through the program.
  • DurianDurian, the King of all Fruits Though native to Southeast Asia, the farms are testing out durian to find a variety that is suitable to the Central African Republic's climate.

    The durian has a strong "garbage-like" smell, but tastes like custard and is highly prized as a unique fruit around the world.