Description of CEFA

CEFA (Centre d’Expérimentation et de Formation Agricole - The Center for Experimentation and Training in Agriculture)CEFA (Centre d’Expérimentation et de Formation Agricole - The Center for Experimentation and Training in Agriculture)

CEFA conducts agricultural research and extension relevant to small farmers who are food insecure.  The trials new varieties of staple crops, vegetables, beans, fruits, animal husbandry, and fish culture in order to determine their suitability to local conditions. They introduce successful varieties to communities via farmer cooperatives and train farmers in sustainable farming techniques, animal rearing, and improved oil palm production and reach others via farmer-to-farmer extension throughout the large, under-served country.


CEFA's work is supported by Covenant World Relief/ Growing Hope Globally and assisted by Covenant Missionaries Roy & Aleta Danforth.


Meet the Farmers involved in this project!


CEFA is a place of hope in a beautiful country that has had its share of problems. The Central African Republic with a population of 4.4 million is currently ranked among the ten least developed countries in the world.1 Landlocked by Cameroon, Chad, Sudan, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo, the story of the CAR has long been overshadowed by its neighbors. Approximately 35% of the population is food insecure and 7% of children under age five are severely malnourished. CAR has one of the highest mortality rates in the world, in some areas three times over the emergency threshold of one death per 10,000 inhabitants per day. The country also has the second lowest life expectancy in the world, at 48 years. In the Southwest of CAR, this situation is mainly attributed to an absence of basic healthcare provision and diets low in nutrition. In recent years they have faced internal warfare that has led to a rise in refugees and displaced people.

Why This Project?

CEFA is committed to making a significant difference in the lives of farmers. Wiley Heights Covenant Church, where Sharing the Harvest originated, has a long history as a community of farmers and a commitment to mission. The relationship seems like a perfect one and it has been exciting to see what God is doing in the CAR.

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