How it Works

By purchasing 10 lbs of apples for $10 through Sharing the Harvest you enjoy some fantastic Yakima Apples at a great price and make a significant difference in the Central African Republic. How might your church get involved?

Sharing the Harvest depends on generosity and sharing. Generous growers commit to sharing part of their apples. Generous individuals share of their resources, pre-purchasing apples. Generous volunteers share of their time by packaging and transporting purchased apples. Generous funds are shared with the Center for Experimentation and Training in Agriculture (CEFA), a research and training farm in the Central African Republic, supported by Covenant World Relief. CEFA generous shares knowledge and techniques with farmers and others to take a bite out of hunger and malnutrition in their community.


Results of Recent Year's Projects:

Since 2012 the church of the Pacific Northwest Conference have raised over $100,000 to assist CEFA and to help start new projects through Foods Resource Bank. Click here for pictures of the Yakima events.


2019 Church Timeline

Participating Churches Commitment Deadline – July 26th

Materials sent to churches - August 28th
Orders Due - October 1st
Packing/Transport Day - October 26th
Distribution of apples at your church - October 27th - November 3rd

How to Purchase Fruit

Here are the 5 basic steps for how Sharing the Harvest would work for your church.
  1. Fill out the Sharing the Harvest 2019 Church Registration Form. to let us know you are interested in being a partnering church.
  2. Sharing the Harvest will supply you with everything you will need to have a Sharing the Harvest Sunday (or Sundays) in September, where apples (Fuji, Gala, and Golden Delicious) are pre-sold at $10 for 10 lbs.
  3. Generous Growers from the Yakima Valley donate their apples to Sharing the Harvest.
  4. On Saturday, October 26th apples will be bagged at Wiley Heights Covenant Church in Yakima, WA. Churches are strongly encouraged to come and be a part of the day, volunteering to bag and sort apples, enjoying a day in the country, pressing cider, activities for kids, and transporting them back to their local churches.
  5. On that following Sunday individuals can pick-up their ordered apples at their church.  If churches do not elect to participate in the packing day, other arrangements for transportation will be secured for the following week, and apples will be available the next Sunday.


Media Coverage

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